Wear Linings & Flow Linings

Keeping materials moving

Raw materials are often difficult to handle, and it’s typical for the majority of bulk handling equipment and storage vessels to become a source of constant maintenance. Many bulk materials are abrasive and cause wear, large lump sizes or materials travelling at high velocities can also cause impact damage. Finer materials and powders are recognised to provide flow challenges, with blockages and inconsistent feed rates being a common problem.

So, amongst others, if you’re experiencing problems at storage bunkers, hoppers, transfer points, chutes, screens or feeders; our range of high performance lining materials are proven to help solve these challenges and more.

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A combination approach

A combination approach

Each plant is different and every raw material has its own characteristics, so you need a choice of liners to ensure you’re getting the best solution for your equipment. We’ve developed a comprehensive range of liners, sourced from a variety of world leading specialist manufacturers. Whatever your wear or flow problem, we can use a combination of materials and designs to achieve maximum effectiveness in your application.

A combination approach

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Matrox Polyethylene

Matrox liners improve material flow to minimise the risk of blockages, hold-ups and slow feed rates. The liners’ exceptionally low surface friction helps keep even the most stubborn raw materials flowing in bins, chutes, hoppers and feeders.

Lubricating additives produce a Teflon like finish for the lowest coefficient of friction on the market. Lower friction reduces the effects of abrasion for significantly longer wear life. Matrox also offers UV stabilisation and high levels of abrasion, impact, chemical and oil resistance, making it a durable, cost effective choice.

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Featured Product.


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