Matrox Low Friction Lining

Hero Maque

Material feed rate improved by over 40% with Matrox

The Challenge:

Operators at a leading Sand & Gravel marine wharf were keen to tackle a significant maintenance hotspot – a series of vibratory feeders which process Batched As Dredged (B.A.D) aggregate. Poor material feed rates coupled with difficult manual handling and installation led the team to pursue an alternative to their current lining solution of steel sheet.

Our Solution:

Matrox Premium grade polyethylene

Key Features:

Combines extremely low-friction surface with excellent wear properties


Steel liners – Feed rate 530 tonnes per hour
Matrox liners – Feed rate 750 tonnes per hour. An increase of 40%


Client feedback

“Matrox PE has had an excellent effect on our feed rates, increasing plant efficiency. The ease of handling also cannot be ignored. Steel is difficult to move, form and install – Matrox is light enough to carry and easy to cut and bolt into place, making liner replacement a much simpler and safer task.” 

Plant Foreman


  • Productivity - vast increase in plant output
  • Safety - light weight and easy to cut
  • Installation - simply bolts into place

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