Glass Production

Our approach.

Since the early 1990s, through ourselves and formerly through our sister company, ConSpare Ltd, we have been providing the glass industry with high quality components for mixing equipment used in the batching process.

For both float glass and container glass producers, we have developed our range over the years to provide solutions for the wider batching process and batch plant, helping improve the performance of bulk materials and powder processing equipment handling materials such as sand, cullet, soda ash, limestone, and dolomite.

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Improving Conveyors

Ensuring conveyors are cleaned effectively, properly aligned and loaded with minimal waste is key to there overall performance. Our belt cleaners, tracking rollers and sealing systems help to maximise uptime through minimising maintenance and housekeeping requirements.

Wear Protection

When transferring materials from point-to-point, it is essential to counter the effects of abrasion and impact, otherwise equipment can suffer from poor service life or high levels of maintenance. Our wear liners and bespoke wear parts are designed to ensure that you can continue to keep producing.

Flow Promotion

Hold-ups, blockages and slow moving materials can constrain the output of your plant. We offer a wide range of flow linings and vibratory products to ensure you achieve the desired throughput from key equipment, such as screens and feeders.

Controlling Dust

Dust escaping to atmosphere is a health & safety risk to staff and the wasted material can lead to production inefficiencies. So, effective dust control through high performance filtration equipment or dust tight flexible connectors on equipment such as sieves, can contribute significantly to eliminate this unwanted by-product of production.

Low Maintenance Silos

Due to their size, silos and other similar vessels are often troublesome to maintain, with working at height a regular occurrence. Ensuring that Silos perform reliably can be achieved through the application of high quality equipment that’s proven to last, whether that be level control, filter units, PRVs, aerators, vibrators or armoured pipework.

Efficient Mixing

Mixers are key to overall production efficiency so keeping your mixer in the best of order is a key maintenance goal. Long lasting mixer wear parts can contribute greatly to the service life of the machine and minimise maintenance intervention.

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Mixing Equipment.

ProSpare supply a wide range of specialist components for pan, planetary and twinshaft mixers. Including a wide range of high performance mixing tools and wear parts which are designed to keep maintenance requirements to a minimum. We are also known for our comprehensive range of breakdown components, such as rotor components, discharge components and gearboxes to name but a few.

We are UK home to TEKA Maschinenbau GmbH. A leader in mixing technology worldwide in industries such as Glass and Refractory. Note: For all things mixing concrete, visit the ConSpare website.

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