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Silo filling improved with AlphaPipe

The Challenge:

Filling silos with abrasive minerals was causing major problems at a leading glass manufacturer. Following an upgrade programme, blowing pressure increased to 2 Bar resulting in high levels of wear and regular blockage in ‘deadbox’ style 90° bends. A new solution was needed.

Our Solution:

AlphaPipe 90° abrasion resistant armoured bend

Key Features:

AlphaChrome low profile hard weld coating to internal surfaces


Deadbox bends – trapped material causing blockages
AlphaPipe – unrestricted material flow, transfer times reduced


Client feedback

“Since we changed to AlphaPipe bends we can now blow in at higher pressures and we have not had any flow problems, delivering more product in a shorter time frame. They are not showing any signs of wear either so we’re in the process of changing 20 bends over to AlphaPipe” 

Maintenance Supervisor

Product details / benefit.

  • Efficiency - full flow, quicker delivery
  • Long Life - abrasion, chemical, impact and temperature resistant
  • User friendly - lighter and simple to install
  • Price - lower cost than deadbox alternative
  • Tailor made - designed to site requirements, custom flanges

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