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Producers of animal feed and pet foods, particularly dry foods, can experience a range of issues when processing bulk materials and powders. As with many similar industries, dust can be a particularly prominent problem. A key tool in our armoury to remove this issue is the world-renowned flexible connector system from BFM® fitting, which is revolutionising powder handling processes worldwide.

So, if you’re handling bulk materials and powders such as grain, cereals, minerals, vitamins or meal, we’re confident we can help improve the performance of your key process equipment.

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Improve hygiene through dust tight connections

Using an effective flexible connector system, such as the dust tight BFM® fitting, can help you keep your factory cleaner for longer. This is particularly valuable where traditionally connections have proved troublesome, for example, on sieves, sifters and screens.

Improve powder flow with aeration and vibration

Solutions such as Solimar aeration fluidisers and Vibtec vibrators can help you keep materials flowing efficiently in silos, hoppers and other vessels, reducing the chances of blockages and slow feed rates occurring.

Improve silos with reliable level indication

Monitor Technologies level control equipment can help you keep on track of your material in silos and other vessels. Reliable measurement is key in ensuring efficient resource management and safe silo filling.

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BFM® fitting flexible connector system

BFM® fitting is the world’s first snap-in flexible connector. This unique innovation is greatly improving powder handling processes worldwide, making them cleaner, safer and more efficient. The patented BFM® system combines specially designed grooved spigots and a connecting sleeve with integral snap bands which, critically, locate internally within the spigots. This revolutionary design allows effortless snap-in installation.

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