KA Rotary Level Indicator

Hero Maque

Risk of silo overfill reduced

The Challenge:

A major animal feed manufacturer was experiencing repeated level switch failure on their large silos. Corrosive finished feed meant switches needed to be top mounted, but side loading on long, solid extension rods from shifting material was damaging bearings.

Our Solution:

Monitor Model KA Rotary Level Indicator with flexible extension

Key Features:

Robust, reliable design
Wide range of paddle / extension options


Repeated motor damage eliminated


Client feedback

“I was tired of replacing motors in my bin level indicators. The problems caused when they failed cost us a lot of money. Since we fitted the Monitor units with flexible extensions the problems have gone away. The screw on/off covers are also much more user friendly.”

Works Engineer

Product details / benefit.

  • Safety - risk of overfill reduced
  • Efficiency - downtime prevented
  • Cost effective - maintenance costs reduced
  • Productivity - less downtime = more production
  • Working conditions - fewer trips to the top of the silo
  • User friendly - safe, simple access for maintenance

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