Tega Ceralock Ceramic Wear Lining

Hero Maque

Making ceramic more effective

The Challenge:

A coal transfer chute at a large power station was suffering severe wear problems. Individual ceramic tiles cemented into place provided the abrasion resistance needed but could not cope with impact leading to rapid failure. When one tile became dislodged the others soon followed, exposing chute steelwork to excessive wear.

Our Solution:

Tega Ceralock wear liner 300 x 300 x 30mm. Interlocking ceramic tiles in a rubber matrix with steel backing and single point fixing.

Key Features:

Interlocking serrated ceramic tiles prevent tile loss
Rubber matrix provides impact damping


Individual ceramic tiles – repeatedly crack and fall off
Ceralock wear liner – no tile loss after 12 months constant operation


Client feedback

“Tega Ceralock wear liners are a clever product. The ceramic tiles key together to form a strong interlocking surface which has certainly proven effective in our application. We haven’t lost a single tile from a Ceralock liner in over 12 months so they obviously cope with impact very well.”

Installation Manager – Maintenance Contractor

Product details / benefit.

  • Cost saving - large reduction in maintenance spend
  • Downtime - better plant availability due to fewer repairs
  • Safety - less time spent in chutes
  • Time saving - far quicker and easier to install than cementing tiles
  • Price - very competitively priced

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