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Product Overview.

Aerators and aeration pads are simple to use, low cost flow aids. Low volume air is introduced into the powder through a non-clogging diffuser to make your product flow like water. We stock different styles to suit your application and budget.

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Product Spec

Monitor Heavy Duty Aeration Pad

Heavy duty construction with integral stiffeners and protective mesh gauze. A diffuser promotes
effective uniform air distribution. Standard pads are supplied with a cotton diffuser which is
suitable for applications up to 82°c. For high temperature applications we offer a fibreglass
diffuser which operates up to 343°c. A major advantage of the Monitor aeration pad is the external
mounting adaptor kit which means the pads can be installed and maintained from outside the silo,
making maintenance quicker, simpler and safer.

CAMS Aeration Pad

Effective aeration at a competitive price, the rectangular pad is contained in a robust housing to
help sustain aeration performance.

CAMS Screw-In Aerator

A simple, reliable and low cost aeration solution which has proven remarkably effective. The
compact 55mm diameter nozzle simply screws into a weldable socket, allowing easy installation and
maintenance from outside the silo. Supply includes socket. This flexible solution enables you to
add additional rings of aerators to improve product flow with a minimum of fuss.

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