Solimar Aeration Fluidiser

Hero Maque

Silo blockage eliminated to improve productivity

The Challenge:

Cement flow problems causing production delays at a leading precast concrete producer. Traditional aeration pads kept blocking quickly and became ineffective causing operators to resort to using hammers to keep production flowing. A better solution was needed.

Our Solution:

Solimar Aeration Fluidisers

Key Features:

Extremely durable silicone disc which will not harden, crack or tear maintains effective airflow


Aeration Pads – weekly blockages
Solimar – no blockages experienced for over 12 months


Client feedback

“Solimar aeration fluidisers really work. Other aerators seem to block and become less effective over time. Solimar keeps our cement flowing. They work as well now as they did when we fitted them over 12 months ago.” 

Area Production Manager


  • Productivity - interruptions to production eliminated
  • Efficiency - downtime reduced
  • Quality - promotes accurate weighing for better product quality
  • Running costs - less compressed air used
  • Power - lower electricity consumption
  • Safety - no more climbing into plant to hammer silo

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