Replacement Filter Bags & Cages.

Hero Maque

Product Overview.

Our replacement filter bags & cages offer excellent quality at competitive prices. With thousands of designs in our archive, we have replacement bags and cages to suit virtually any make of silo venting or dust extraction filter, including: WAM, DCE, Delta Neu, Infastaub, Intensiv, Heaton Green, Dantherm, Airmaster, MikroPul, Torver and many more.

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Product Spec

High quality, low cost bags
Available in a range of high performance media’s, including antistatic, temperature resistant and PTFE. Tubular, envelope and multi pocket systems are all covered.

Filter cages made to last
Precision manufacturing helps ensure easy installation and removal. Low flex reinforcement and precise welding technology are employed to help prevent premature bag wear. Users report longer service life and improved filtration performance.

Non-stock bags & cages
A wide range of non-stock bags and cages are also available upon request. Please complete our detailed Application Questionnaire and forward details to our sales office.

Typically used in sectors:

*Disclaimer - ProSpare does not warrant that any Goods will be suitable for any particular purpose of the Customer, whether or not that purpose has been made known by the Customer to the Company. The Customer assumes all risk and liability resulting from the use of the Goods and it is the Customer’s responsibility for compliance for any specific application.

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