Matrox Low Friction Lining

Hero Maque

Every picture tells a story

The Challenge:

A busy port was being plagued with problems feeding iron ore fines from their ship loading bins. The damp sticky material has poor flow characteristics causing severe build up on bin walls and repeated blockages. It was agreed to line two of the bins with white virgin grade Matrox to see if it would help – the photo perfectly illustrates the impact of Matrox.

Our Solution:

Matrox virgin grade polyethylene

Key Features:

Exceptionally low surface friction


Iron ore flows consistently and reliably, no build up or blockages


Client feedback

“Our iron ore sticks to our bin walls so severely that it reduces storage capacity and keeps blocking the outlet. The Matrox trial has been fantastic, the ore in the Matrox lined section flows freely. Now we have no build up and no blockages, so we are going to fit Matrox to the rest of the bins as soon as we can.”

Engineering Manager

Product details / benefit.

  • Efficiency - ships loaded far quicker
  • Productivity - downtime eliminated
  • Safety - less intervention needed in bins
  • Abrasion Resistant - long life performance
  • Installation - simple to install

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