Hawiflex® Polyurethane Sheet

Hero Maque

The Hawiflex® Effect

The Challenge:

A primary screen handling 600 tonnes of 20-50mm crushed rock per day at a busy quarry required routine monthly maintenance to replace the old conveyor belt used as a wear liner. Although using the old belting appeared to be a low-cost option, regular replacement meant maintenance costs were high.

Our Solution:

Hawiflex® polyurethane sheet – 10mm thick

Key Features:

High elasticity provides abrasion and impact resistance
UV and weather resistant formulation


Previous solution: Replaced once a month. 2-3 hours downtime per replacement
Hawiflex® PU: 22 months, still operational, minimal wear


Client feedback

“The introduction of Hawiflex® to the plant has been a real success. Hawiflex® is lightweight and easy to handle, so it was quick and simple to install. It lasts so much longer than the belting we used to use, which has led to a big reduction in our overall maintenance cost.”   

Quarry Manager

Product details / benefit.

  • Productivity - fast, predictable material feed
  • Efficiency - no production interruptions
  • Maintenance - regular liner replacement avoided
  • Safety - far less working at height, noise reduction
  • User friendly - extremely flexibile, easy to cut, form and fix

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