Hawiflex® Polyurethane Wear Lining

Hero Maque

Hawiflex® 60,000 tonnes versus rubber 12,000 tonnes

The Challenge:

A diverter flap on a sand and gravel plant needed constant replacement due to ripping / tearing. Rubber performed well initially, but started to perish as UV and weathering took their toll. Site staff experimented to find a replacement that could cope better with these wear factors.

Our Solution:

Hawiflex® polyurethane sheet

Key Features:

Special additives in the polyurethane help prevent perishing
Protection against UV, weathering, hydrolysis and microbial/fungal attack


Wear life increased from 3 months to 15 months
Note: Still operational and showing little sign of wear.


Client feedback

“Other products we have tried perform well to start with, but before long they start to perish and tear easily. This has not happened to the Hawiflex®. It still looks and performs the same as the day we put it in and it has retained its tear resistance.”

Area Fitter

Product details / benefit.

  • Efficiency - fewer interruptions to production
  • Maintenance - regular replacement avoided
  • Safe - light for ease of handling
  • Competitive - lowest cost per tonne of material

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