Hawiflex® EasiFix Wear Lining

Hero Maque

A clever solution to noise and impact problems

The Challenge:

Transferring heavy refractory bricks into a large hopper was creating excessive noise and disturbing local residents. The dense bricks were also causing severe impact damage to the steel lined hopper resulting in costly, regular repairs in a difficult to access confined space.

Our Solution:

Hawiflex® EasiFix

Key Features:

5mm Hawiflex® polyurethane with integral 8mm foam rubber backing


Impact cushioning extends wear life and reduces noise


Client feedback

“EasiFix has really helped reduce noise levels from the hopper. The foam backing gives a cushioning effect which is very good at damping the noise. It also allows the HawiFlex® lining to flex, absorbing impact and preventing damage to the surface. Hawiflex® has proven very durable and able to cope with everything we have thrown at it.”

Plant Foreman

Product details / benefit.

  • Environmental - significant reduction in noise levels
  • Low Maintenance - far longer service life
  • Productivity - low noise allows longer working day
  • Fixing - adhesive friendly foam ensures excellent bonding
  • Installation - quick and simple to fit, saving time and money

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