Hawiflex® EasiFix Wear Lining

Hero Maque

Installation time reduced by 80%

The Challenge:

Installing polyethylene (PE) wear liners in conical chutes was proving extremely time consuming for a leading materials handling OEM. Rigid PE liners required complicated cutting and forming to suit the conical shape.

Our Solution:

Hawiflex® EasiFix polyurethane lining with integral foam backing

Key Features:

Adhesive friendly foam backing quick and easy to fit
High flexibility simplifies installation in conical chute


Installation time reduced by 80%


Client feedback

“EasiFix really is simple to cut, form and fix. Installation took a fraction of the time it used to. The finished product looks and performs better, so it has been a real winner”

Engineering Manager

Product details / benefit.

  • Efficient - far lower manufacturing costs
  • Lean - simplified a complex task
  • Wear - lasts up to 5 times longer than PE
  • Noise - foam absorbs impact for less noise
  • Flow - trampoline effect promotes flow
  • Safe - light and safe to handle
  • Repairs - reduce downtime through quick repair

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