Hawiflex® EasiFix Wear Lining

Hero Maque

EasiFix solves noise and abrasion problems

The Challenge:

Transfer of oversize material in a busy sand and gravel plant was causing significant noise problems. Hard, rigid polyethylene wear liners magnified noise levels. Impact damage caused premature failure leading to costly regular replacement.

Our Solution:

Hawiflex® EasiFix polyurethane lining with integral foam backing

Key Features:

High elasticity polyurethane with foam backing cushions impact
Adhesive friendly for quick, safe installation


Oversize transfer chute virtually silent when in production
Wear life increased by 300% and still operational


Client feedback

“When we first installed EasiFix, it caused such a reduction in noise levels we thought the plant had broken down. In fact, it was running, but the chute was almost silent. It is also holding up very well against wear and tear.”

Plant Manager

Product details / benefit.

  • Environmental - dramatic reduction in noise levels
  • Efficiency - ‘trampoline’ effect promotes material flow for fewer blockages
  • Installation - adhesive friendly foam reduces fitting time and cost
  • Productivity - low noise enables production over longer working day
  • Competitive - lowest cost per tonne

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