Weigh Hopper Venting Filters.

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Product Overview.

Weigh hoppers play a critical role in the efficient operation of a plant. In the event that pressure or vacuum are present in the weigh hopper during the weighing process, plant efficiency can be dramatically affected. We offer a range of venting solutions depending upon the physical size, volume and rate of fill of the weigh hopper.

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Product Spec

HopperFix is a simple, low cost venting filter which helps minimise dust escaping to the atmosphere on small hoppers and vessels. Using a unique push-fit cartridge and mounting spigot. HopperFix is quick, simple to install & maintain. The compact design and footprint makes it ideal for even the tightest of mounting positions.

BFM™ Breather Bag
The BFM Breather Bag is based on the award winning BFM fitting, the bag simply snaps into position by hand without the need of clips and clamp bands. This safe, quick, tool free method of installation helps ensure that the breather bag does its job effectively. The high efficiency bag is manufactured from a PTFE laminated polyester needle felt, offering superior quality in both dust release and filtration efficiency.

HopperMax ConicalAir
Designed for large scale weigh hoppers, the HopperMax can cope with higher air volumes to help prevent over pressurisation during filling and vacuum during discharge. The unit features 2 cartridges which are reverse jet cleaned alternately ensuring that a vent channel remains open at all times.

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