UltraTungsten Wear Parts

Hero Maque

Service Life Increased by 450%

The Challenge:

Clients at a busy, high output asphalt plant wanted to reduce costs by limiting maintenance downtime. OEM cast steel mixing arms and blades needed constant adjustment and replacement. Worn blades lead to build up and mixing problems.

Our Solution:

UltraTungsten carbide protected mixer wear parts

Key Features:

Extreme abrasion resistance


OEM mixing arms – 150,000 T
UltraTungsten mixing arms – 600,000 T

OEM mixing blades – 80,000 T
UltraTungsten mixing blades – 350,000 T


Client feedback

“Fitting UltraTungsten parts in the mixer has made a big difference to our day to day operation. We wanted to cut maintenance and that is exactly what has happened.”

Engineering Manager

Product details / benefit.

  • Cost - lowest cost per tonne
  • Maintenance - reduced frequency dramatically
  • Productivity - less mixer downtime
  • Sustainability - worn blades can be rebuilt at low cost
  • Quality - mix consistency improved

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