Rubber Coated Nylon Sleeving

Hero Maque

Reduce wear from vibration

The Challenge:

Canvas connecting sleeves were suffering premature failure on a vibratory feeder inlet at a leading refractory producer. Feed tray oscillation was causing severe chaffing on the creases externally, whilst the flow of clay, bauxite and cement caused internal wear. Holes quickly developed allowing product to escape the process.

Our Solution:

RCN  rubber coated nylon – dual layered flexible connector that stretches

Key Features:

Inner layer – highly flexible, wear resistant neoprene rubber
Outer layer – strong nylon provides support


Canvas sleeve – holes appear after just a few weeks operation
RCN – no signs of wear after 4 months, still operational


Client feedback

“We have 20 connectors around the plant and it’s a thankless task keeping on top of the wear issues. The ability to stretch combined with good wear resistance means RCN lasts a lot longer, resulting in less maintenance, reduced product wastage and a cleaner factory.” 

Engineering Manager

Product details / benefit.

  • Containment - stops material escaping process, less waste
  • Flexible - stretchability minimises creasing caused by oscillation
  • Cost reduction - fewer changeovers, less maintenance
  • Safety - clean, healthy environment in factory
  • Tailor made - made to measure in any shape ie conical
  • Easy to fit - optional velcro fastening

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