Matrox Low Friction Lining

Hero Maque

Ash flow problems solved with Matrox

The Challenge:

Severe material flow problems during commissioning of a new multi million pound ash processing plant were causing havoc. The blend of ash and water was sticking in chutes and hoppers preventing any production. ProSpare were on hand to come up with a solution.

Our Solution:

Matrox Premium grade UHMW polyethylene

Key Features:

Unique silicone additive reduces surface friction


Steel liners – Severe blockages preventing plant operation
Matrox liners – Ash flows freely


Client feedback

“Our ash mix is very difficult to handle. We were experiencing severe flow problems during commissioning of our new plant. ProSpare recommended Matrox and I was initially sceptical that it could solve such severe blockages, but we decided to give it a try. The results were astonishing, all blockages were cleared and product flowed freely immediately after installation. I can’t recommend Matrox highly enough.”

Plant Manager


  • Productivity - promotes efficient plant operation
  • Reliability - downtime a thing of the past
  • Processing - consistent mass flow material feed
  • Safety - light-weight and easy to install

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