Matrox Low Friction Lining

Hero Maque

Matrox improves concrete plant performance

The Challenge:

A readymix concrete plant handling crushed limestone dust was experiencing severe blockage in storage bins. The fine, powdery dust was sticking to bin walls and forming a hard crust, particularly when wet. Layers of build-up developed over time, reducing bin capacity and causing severe rat-holing. Attempts to solve the problem with air hammers compacted the dust making matters worse.

Our Solution:

Matrox premium grade UHMW polyethylene – 2m x 1m sheets

Key Features:

Lowest surface friction
Special additives enhance performance, UV resistant


Limestone flows freely, no build up, no blockage


Client feedback

“Matrox is absolutely brilliant. We now have no build up or material sticking whatsoever and the limestone flows freely. Concrete quality has improved dramatically as consistent flow rates mean our computer batching system and moisture probes operate more accurately. We don’t have to get into the bin to clean it out so safety has also improved.” 

Regional Operations Manager

Product details / benefit.

  • Product quality - consistent, top quality concrete
  • Batching - fast, reliable material flow through bins
  • Accuracy - Hydronix moisture probes more effective
  • Safety - ‘self cleaning’ bin walls, no need to enter bin
  • Customer satisfaction - plant reliability improved
  • Environmental - helps prevent reject loads, less waste

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