Matrox Low Friction Lining

Hero Maque

Build-up eliminated, maintenance hotspot eradicated

The Challenge:

A leading Roof Tile manufacturer was experiencing severe build-up in a number of PE1000 lined holding hoppers. The dry concrete mix was sticking to the hopper walls disrupting production. Operatives regularly agitated the encrusted material using a rod, this action caused damage – allowing product to build-up and set behind the liners. Eventually, the set concrete would then fall into the screw-feed & damage the flight.

Our Solution:

Matrox Premium grade UHMW polyethylene

Key Features:

Lowest surface friction, special additives enhance performance


Competitor PE 1000: constant build-up, cleaned every 15 minutes. Screw flight regularly damaged & replaced

Matrox Premium: no build-up, no cleaning, no damage


Client feedback

“The performance difference between our standard polyethylene & Matrox is astounding. Matrox keeps this tricky material moving and a significant maintenance hotspot has been eradicated. The photograph really does speak for itself, not all polyethylenes are created equally!”


Product details / benefit.

  • Efficiency - consistent flow of material from hopper to screw-feed
  • Productivity - production line availability increased
  • Maintenance - vastly reduced
  • Safety - hoppers accessed via ladder, visits reduced

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