FriFlo Impact Bars

Hero Maque

Effective impact protection at conveyor loading point

The Challenge:

Loading high volumes of granite, sand and gravel onto a conveyor system was creating problems. Loading from height lead to heavy impact which was causing belt damage, spillage, dust, noise and excessive downtime. The existing impact cradle offered no adjustment therefore the client decided to install the highly adjustable FriFlo system.

Our Solution:

FriFlo impact cradle with FriFlo impact bars

Key Features:

Fully adjustable FriFlo cradle for quick, safe installation & replacement
FriFlo impact bars unique design offers better impact absorption


All loading point problems solved
Competitor impact bars – failed and replaced every six months
FriFlo impact bars -4 years operation, still in place


Client feedback

This installation provided a rare opportunity to obtain a direct comparison of the durability of FriFlo vs a leading competitor. The end result proves the superior design, quality and lower whole life cost of FriFlo impact bars. Highly adjustable FriFlo cradle allows set up to be fine tuned for optimum belt running conditions.

Product details / benefit.

  • Cost effective - longer service life, better belt protection
  • Durable - warm vulcanised to prevent delamination
  • Low friction - convex profile reduces belt drag and wear
  • Impact - top quality Tega rubber absorbs more impact
  • Dust free - effective belt support means skirt seal maintained
  • Positive fix - unique, secure clamping system prevents movement

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