Centrax Belt Trackers

Hero Maque

Centrax solves belt mis-tracking

The Challenge:

The raw material stockpile at one of the largest potash salt mines in the world is vast, literally a mountain of salt. The 2.3km long, 1000mm wide stock pile feed belt is consequently very heavy duty at over 30kg/m. Severe centrifugal forces on inclined curved sections caused extreme mis-tracking which other tracker rollers could not solve.

Our Solution:

4 x Centrax SK-1000 – trough set tracker on carrying side
4 x Centrax SKO-1000 – multi idler return tracker on return side
Mounted before and after each curved belt section

Key Features:

Automatically corrects mis-tracking immediately, even in the most arduous applications


No mis-tracking after 2 years operation
Virtually no wear on heavy duty conical rollers



“Having sold many different brands of belt tracker over the years, we were not satisfied with performance so we decided to design our own! This application was extremely challenging and exactly what we designed Centrax for. If our trackers can cope with this, then normal applications are a piece of cake!”

Centrax Design Engineer

Product details / benefit.

  • Efficiency - productivity increased, downtime reduced
  • Spillage - huge reduction in spillage and cost of dealing with it
  • Preventative - effective protection from belt damage
  • Environmental - cleaner working environment, less waste
  • Safety - less maintenance and clean-up in inaccessible locations

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