Centrax Belt Trackers

Hero Maque

Plant stoppages caused by belt mistracking eliminated

The Challenge:

A 1400 mm wide conveyor belt at a busy port was mistracking so badly it repeatedly tripped the safety shutoff system causing the belt to stop whilst urgent corrective actions were taken. Constant ship unloading delays were costing a fortune. Competitor tracker rollers failed to solve the problem after the dirty iron ore and coal caused heavy build-up, preventing the rollers from tracking.

Our Solution:

3 x Centrax multi idler trackers on carrying strand
2 x Centrax multi idler trackers on return strand

Key Features:

Transom design prevents material build-up on tracker
Heavy duty conical rollers with diamond cut rubber lagging


Plant stoppages caused by belt mistracking eliminated


Client feedback

“In this application our transom design prevented displaced carryback from building up, allowing the transom to rotate freely and the rollers to keep turning. Centrax was able to perform where others could not. The other key design feature which helped in this case was our unique rubber lagging. The diamond cut pattern acts like a winter tyre tread in wet conditions to disperse water and prevent aquaplaning. This means Centrax really gripped the belt effectively, making severe mistracking a thing of the past.”

MD, TBK Group

Product details / benefit.

  • Cost - huge reduction in cost caused by plant outages
  • Efficiency - ships unloaded faster and more reliably
  • Preventative - belt protected from damage and premature wear
  • Safety - reduced clean-up in hazardous locations
  • Maintenance - less fire-fighting in breakdown situations

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