CAMS Screw Conveyors

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Power station downtime problems solved

The Challenge:

The engineering team at a large power station were struggling to keep a screw conveyor running. Abrasive ash was causing standard hangar bearings to fail regularly leading to expensive damage to the conveyor and excessive downtime. The team decided to find a replacement.

Our Solution:

CAMS Screw Conveyor fitted with heavy duty labyrinth protected hangar bearings and drive connections

Key Features:

Labyrinth protection prevents dust ingress


Competitor hangar bearings – replaced every 3 months
CAMS hangar bearings – replaced every 18 months


Client feedback

“The CAMS screw conveyor was purchased in a bid to solve a serious issue. It has done exactly that and performed better than we had hoped. The labyrinth protection is well designed and really prevents dust getting into the bearing. It makes all the difference and as a result bearings last far longer

Engineering Manager

Product details / benefit.

  • Downtime - fewer breakdowns
  • Maintenance - less time spent on repairs
  • Efficiency - less downtime improved plant efficiency
  • Safety - less working at height, safe easy maintenance access
  • Replacement - bearing designed for low cost repair

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