BFM® fitting

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BFM leaves a sweet taste

The Challenge:

A leading sugar manufacturer was facing severe dust leakage from corrugated rubber connectors on their gyratory screen deck. Sugar dust gave rise to secondary explosion, hygiene and poor cosmetic appearance concerns. Downtime and replacement parts costs were significant.

Our Solution:

BFM® fitting

Key Features:

100% dust tight seal


Rubber sleeve – replaced every 5 weeks, constant dust leakage
BFM fitting – replaced after 38 weeks, dust free operation
Cost saving – £2,900 per annum


Client feedback

“BFM has solved a number of costly, long standing problems. They are 100% dust tight and last for longer. The screening room is now so clean we could hold a board meeting in there. We are adopting BFM company wide.”

National Engineering Manager

Product details / benefit.

  • Explosion - sugar dust eliminated in screening room
  • Efficiency - downtime reduced significantly, lasted 8 times longer
  • Hygiene - significantly more sanitary environment
  • Cleaning - huge reduction in cost of cleaning
  • Safety - safe, tool free replacement
  • Visibility - able to monitor product flow
  • Contamination - risk of contamination minimised

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